Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids ages 9-15 can WIN a trip to Cayman Islands!

National Geographic is hosting a contest for children ages 9-15 and the top 15 winners get to go to the Cayman Islands (with a parent)  for 7 full days of exploring and fun!  They also win a new Nikon digital camera! But that's not all!  All meals and transportation are also included!

What does your child need to do to enter?  I'm glad you asked!  All s/he has to do is write an essay of no more than 300 words about how essential water is essential to life everywhere!  They need to be creative as water is everywhere around us! 

In addition to the essay, they must take a photo of what, where or how they explore the world around them.  this photo must be taken by the child and must be an original work of art.  Once they are at the Cayman Islands they will "explore the island" so they want to ensure they have great "Explorers" on their trip!

For all details please check out this link:  Best wishes to your families! Let me know if you win!

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